Advance your swing with golf instruction & golf tips in Thailand Bangkok from the professional PGA certified instructors at Xcite Golf. Our high tech indoor golf academy helps golfers of all skill levels improve their game using an innovative and highly effective approach. You will see results faster than with other golf courses & lessons you may have taken in the past.

Why Take Lessons with Xcite Golf?

Experience immediate results and long term improvement with Xcite Golf's ground-breaking 3 step philosophy, which lets you Standardize, and Optimize, Improve Fast and Verify Improvement. The process begins with an SGA Standardized Golf Assessment with one of our trained experts. Xcite Golf is the first facility to offer this assessment in Asia.

Train like professional golfers with innovative learning technologies and the proven X5 coaching system. This program was developed by respected personalities in the golf industry to teach golfers of all levels the 5 critical swing movements used by 95% of players on pro golf tours. Utilize cutting edge technologies, such as K-Vest, TrackMan, and Sam Putt Lab for fast and lasting improvement.

Golf Courses & Lessons for 9 and 18 Holes

Our golf pros offer on course golf lessons with options for 9 holes and 18 holes. Depending on the amount of instruction you want and the time you have available in your schedule, you can opt to have our golf pro provide golf instruction & golf tips in Thailand Bangkok for either 9 or 18 holes. You will learn how to improve your shots, work on a variety of game shots, play from different lies, how to pace your round, golf course etiquette, how to putt and chip from different spots, and much more.

Take Golf Lessons with Friends at Xcite Golf

Read details and pricing information for our 9 and 18 hole golf lessons on the charts provided on this page. You will notice that the price per person is lower when you take lessons with two or more people. Grab a friend, or two or three, and register together to enjoy the benefit of the best golf courses & lessons at lower prices.

Schedule Your Lesson for the Best Golf Instruction & Golf Tips in Thailand Bangkok


Browse our website to learn more about us and our teaching methods and view the lessons and prices on this page to learn more about your options for golf lessons at Xcite Golf. When you have decided which on course program interests you, please contact Xcite Golf to schedule your lesson! 


9 and 18 Hole On-Course Programs


Price List

Students9 Holes18 Holes
1 Student 3,990 THB 7,990 THB
2 Students 2,790 THB p/p 5,590 THB p/p
3 Students 1,990 THB p/p 4,790 THB p/p
4 Students 1,590 THB p/p 3,990 THB p/p



  • Learn how to properly prepare the day before you play 
  • Learn how to properly warm up prior to a round 
  • Improve all your shots tee to green. Learn to play from differnt lies including from the rough, uneven lies and more.  
  • Watch how our golf professionals manage their way around the course.  
  • Lear all aspects of course managment and course etiquette 
  • Learn how to pace your round and keep up the speed of play
  • Work on multiple short game shots from different areas inside of 100 yards
  • Learn how to putt and chip from different spots around the greens
  • And learn much, much more